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I'm working so much these days and it's a lot to manage, but I get to do what I love for a
Piano Keys
I've been playing bass for so long now that it has become another voice for me 🎸🎶🎵🎶___Thanks _ad
Sheet Music
Check out my interview out today, thanks to _cmancuso52, _myki.angeline, and _the_wimn!!! Photo by _
Girl & Guitar
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Lone Microphone
Ooh pretty waterproof turquoise ukulele 💙🏝🎸
My first loves were piano, bass, and high heels.jpg
Violin Trio
It's not Valentine's Day until my upright bae-ss and I gaze longingly into each other's eyes.jpg
Mixer Keys 3
When my sub gig was done with The Killer Queens, they asked me to stay on and play keys!!! I started
Hands on Guitar Strings
In the Yamaha showroom at NAMM 2015, sneaking in some practice before my midnight set with The Kille
Music Amplifier Repair
Upright bass love ❤ This was at Slim's in San Francisco with The Killer Queens recently. I was playi
Violin Scroll
Don't let anyone dull your sparkles 🌟💙_I love this photo, it was taken by Bruno Ricci
Wayne's World is one of my favorite movies of all time. I grew up watching and quoting my two man cr
Piano Note
This is your life, don't play hard to get_It's a free free world_All you have to do is fall in love_
If you love someone, let em go. If they love you, they'll be back. If they try to destroy you, they
Loooove when things line up just right and the music flows 🌊🎶🖤🎶🌊_Photo by _adambrioza #harmony
Practicing some new stage antics during sound check.jpg
I don't even have the words to say how much I ❤ _guitaristlindy.jpg
My newest student, Beary F.N.jpg
Throwback to a photo shoot with _thekillerqueens last summer.jpg
Happy 4th of July!!! BAEsses ready to go...I used to go to this event in San Fran as a kid with my f

About the Teacher

A Musician from the Beginning

Diana Rey teaches music, performance, and movement to kids of all ages, studied Musical Theatre in college, earned her M.Ed in Educational Technology, holds a CA Vocal and Instrumental Music teaching credential + 16.5 Early Childhood Education Units, and has extensive stage performance experience.  She has taught music for 7 years as a private instructor and for 5 years at 10 different public and private school sites in Los Gatos, Cupertino, Campbell, and San Jose for a grand total of up to ~1,000 students per week. Her proudest accomplishment as a teacher was serving as the Musical Director for one of her middle school's musical theatre productions. Now an Arts Administrator for a local non-profit, Diana trains and supports a team of music teachers that provide in-school music education programming at 5 school districts in the SF Bay Area. 


Diana is an active member of the National Association for Music Educators (NAFME), National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS), American Choral Directors Association (ACDA), Orff-Schulwerk Association (AOSA), the Educational Theatre Association (EdTA), the Association for Middle Level Education (AMLE), and the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). Upon request, she offers online private music and theatre education for children ages 2 and up. 

Diana started singing, dancing, and classical piano training at the age of four. Her love of music has since expanded into experience and expertise in traditional western instruments and vocals performing a plethora of genres including musical theatre, rock, blues, country, rockabilly, bluegrass, and barbershop. She enjoys assessing how to best teach and encourage each individual student to shine in their own personal style. Students can expect to learn how to read, write and understand the language of music (music theory), build a repertoire filled with songs from different musical genres, memorize chord progressions to play/perform in an ensemble, and figure out what direction to go in their own personal future musical endeavors. Her students perform in both lead and supporting musical theatre roles at schools and production companies, play in bands, and perform solo. Local students may choose to showcase solo work at local performance opportunities, including two recitals per year.

"Music is a life-force for me, and sharing this passion with my students brings me joy. I share my skills with them and they share lots of personality with me. Each student has unique learning styles and goals for their personal musical journey. It’s my job to figure out how my students learn best and where they want to go musically, then teach to each personalized roadmap accordingly."


In addition to her passion for teaching music, Diana has performed on some amazing stages as both a lead and backup vocalist while also playing bass guitar and keyboard in a variety of projects at notable venues such as the San Francisco Giants Ballpark opening for a SF Giants game, Bill Graham Civic Auditorium during Comedy Central's Collossal Clusterfest 2017, Great American Music Hall (SF), House of Blues Boston, Hard Rock Lake Tahoe, Herrah's Reno Hotel & Casino, Cargo Concert Hall (Reno), Sweetwater Music Hall (Mill Valley), Silo's (Napa), Harlow's Restaurant & Nightclub (Sacramento), Bimbo's 365 Club (SF), Slim's (SF), The Chapel (SF), Club Fox (Redwood City), The Ritz (San Jose), Flynn's Cabaret & Steakhouse (Felton), and NAMM 2015 (L.A). Bass Player MagazineBass Musician Magazine, and the Women’s International Music Network (WIMN) ran stories on her in May of 2017.

Di Headshot May 2018.JPG
Sheet Music
Diana Rey's School Of Music Logo.jpg

Bass Guitar 

Bass equals power and depth...a string instrument that glues the rhythm and chord progression together in a song just as much as the player tends to glue the band together. Students will learn the fretboard, ideal gear, chord progressions, reading tabs as well as sheet music, and how to lock in with the drums to form a solid rhythm section.

A kind, gentle, patient teacher is just what you need to learn anything. Perfect for welcoming anyone into the amazing world of music. Highly recommended.

-Angie Wells

Piano Concert Hall


Ukulele with backround.jpg


Guitar is most rewarding for students who aim to play as much as possible in order to build up proper calluses and finger stretching/dexterity. Students will learn the fretboard, scales and chords, muscle strengthening exercises, chord progressions, strumming patterns, soloing, performance skills, and a repertoire of songs.

Guitar Playing



Every person's voice is a unique expression of who they are. We will focus on strengthening and drawing out the natural beauty that's already within while teaching proper technique to sustain a healthy singing voice for life. Diana teaches singers to vocalize in a style called Contemporary Commercial Music (CCM) which includes many genres, including blues, gospel, jazz, musical theatre, rock, and pop.


Students will receive vocal instruction leading to full knowledge and control of the voice as an instrument. Students will learn proper alignment, breathing technique, pitch-matching, range stretching and mastery, sight-reading, solfege, performance skills, and build a repertoire of songs suited for their voice and the style of music they wish to sing.


Audition and performance preparation  in addition to power singing are Diana's specialty -- she has a track record of preparing vocal students to achieve their performance goals, including landing lead roles in local and school musical theater productions. Guaranteed you will see your confidence, competence, and vocal range grow through weekly lessons over time and with guided practice.

Retro Singer

The piano gives students a thorough overview and foundation of music theory that can lead smoothly into playing other instruments.  Students will learn about about scales, octaves, counting beats, turning music into art, performing, and reading sheet music as well as playing by ear. Piano is highly recommended as an excellent beginning instrument and ongoing tool for songwriting and self-accompanying.


The ukulele is a fun, approachable, and portable instrument that gives students an introduction to string instruments. Now offering private and group ukulele lessons. Students will learn the fretboard, how to read tablature/sheetmusic, how to play (and sing) a repertoire of songs, and Hawaiian culture appreciation.

Sheet Music Edits

Song writing

Song-writing and composition is a musician's ultimate path to creative expression. There is so much to learn on this topic whether the student is a beginner or further along on his/her musical path, regardless of preferred instrument. Students will learn how to structure a song, build a chord progression, write lyrics, add instrumentation/vocals, transpose into differenty keys, record tracks, work with other musicians, use social media as a tool, and develop as a musical artist.

Why learn music?

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